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Trump & Jesus Show is a short film consisting of three animated stories, each of which takes an artistic license to envision what an encounter between Donald Trump and Jesus Christ would look like if they happened to meet face-to-face. What would Trump say? How would Jesus respond?

The project was an independent pre-election campaign aimed at the 79% of all Evangelical Christians in the US who stated their support for Mr. Trump. The film was made possible due to the support of our 99 IndieGoGo campaign backers – thank you all!

Trump & Jesus Show is now live on VimeoYouTube and FaceBook and has been seen by over 50 000 people! #TrumpJesusShow

The project was featured in Le Figaro (one of France’s top 3 newspapers), La Repubblica (Italy), The Curious Brain, Daily Kos and more.

Director/Producer: Maria Stanisheva

Director/Producer: Todd Leatherman 

Art Direction/Illustrations: Rositsa Raleva

Animation Direction: Andrew Embury

Animation: Jardeson Rocha, Saulo de Castro, Beethowen Souza

Music score/Sound design: Tim Bright

Narration: Ian Friedman


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