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IT'S A MEN'S CLUB is an online animated awareness campaign, part of Human Rights Watch's report Discrimination Against Women in Iran's Job Market. Laws and policies that discriminate against women interfere with Iranian women’s right to work. Women confront an array of restrictions, such as on their ability to travel, prohibitions on entering certain jobs, and an absence of basic legal protections. Over the past four decades, Iranian women have become half of the country’s university graduates. But, based on the most recent official statistics available, for the period between March 2016 and March 2017, only 14.9 percent of Iran’s women are in the workforce, compared with 64.1 percent of men. This rate is lower than the average of 20 percent for all women in the Middle East and North Africa. The unemployment rate for women, currently 20.7 percent, is double that for men.

The ultimate goal of the campaign and the report would be to push for legislative change and gender equality. The main purpose of the video is to popularize the report within Iran and the rest of the world. Please share using #EqualJobMarket

Director/Producer: Maria Stanisheva
Design: Rozalina Burkova
Animation: Matt Wilson
Composer/Sound Design: Tim Bright
Commissioning Producer HRW: Janna Kyllästinen
Executive Commissioning Producer HRW: Pierre Bairin

© 2017 Human Rights Watch [2'20’’]

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