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DANGERS ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL is an online awareness campaign, part of Human Rights Watch's special feature titled "The War For Girl's Education in Afghanistan", included in an extensive report on the topic. The report describes how, as security in the country worsens and international donors disengage from Afghanistan, progress made toward getting girls into school has stalled. It is based on 249 interviews in Kabul, Kandahar, Balkh, and Nangarhar provinces, mostly with girls ages 11 to 18 who were not able to complete their education. As part of the report you can watch an 8-min documentary short which gives an insight into the issue.

ANIMADOCS was commissioned to create a short animated piece, based on the major barriers that remain in Afghanistan in a young girl's quest to get to school which include poverty and child labor; social pressure; child marriage; insecurity and violence on the street; abduction and kidnapping; acid attacks; sexual harassment; military use of schools; Our aim was to put the audience in the shoes of a 12-year old girl who is on a horror-like quest to get to her classroom, only to find the military have occupied the school.

The video was released on HRW's FaceBook page on 17 October and has accumulated over 100 thousand views in the first day of its release.

Director/Producer: Maria Stanisheva
Design: Rositsa Raleva
Animation: Adam Davis 
Composer/Sound Design: Tim Bright
Commissioning Producer HRW: Jia Chen 
Executive Commissioning Producer HRW: Veronica Matushaj

© 2017 Human Rights Watch [1’]

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