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Catholic Boarding School childhood, followed by the Vietnam war and alcoholism, gave Nathan Phillips, aka Sky Man according to his Native American Omaha belief, a good reason to be angry with the world. He managed to move on by meeting his Earth woman but now that the family is fighting cancer, his anger is growing.

The film’s initial plan is to follow the family and Nathan’s belief that he can pray cancer away from his wife via traditional healing techniques. Along the way plans change drastically as the desperate husband sees the film as his only way out.

A moving family story tackling contemporary battles which Native Americans fight and one of the common ethical dilemmas documentary filmmakers face – can we interfere or should we solely document reality?

My graduation film, produced at NYFA with the Kickstarter support of over 130 people – thank you all!

Directed / produced / edited by Maria Stanisheva [25’30”] 2012


Festival selections and awards:

Winter Film Awards NYC 2013, Short Film Competition – Perspectives Award Nomination

The Freestyle Life Film Exhibition 2013, Short Film Competition

Sunscreen Film Festival 2013, Official Selection

International Student Film Festival 2013, Mexico

28th Pärnu Film Festival 2014, Estonia


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